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Falls Prevention System

Smart Assisted Living For Independent Seniors

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Reduce the likelihood of falls and injury using smart technology in the home

Creating a safer life in old age

Every fall hurts – whether it is hurt pride, dented confidence or a physical injury.  In the UK in the coming year, more than 5 million people over 65 will fall at least once. As we get older the number of falls gets more frequent and the injuries more serious.  Falls are the number 1 cause of injury-related deaths in the over 65s, and the main reason people lose their independence and go into care.

Falls Prevention System helps the over 65s keep their independence, freedom and control for longer.  We have listened to the needs of our seniors and use the latest research and non-intrusive technology to help prevent falls.

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How The Falls Prevention System Works

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A very common fall happens on the midnight dash to the bathroom in the dark.  We light your way with discrete floor level lighting that automatically turns on when you get up and turns off when you are safely back in bed.

Posture, Gait and Balance

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Our smart sensors monitor changes in your posture and the way you walk around the home.  It can detect if you fall and raise the alarm, but it also detects if your posture starts getting worse, and tell you and your care professionals so you can take preventative action to help you continue to get about safely.


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Three other factors that increase the risk of a fall are room temperature, dehydration, and prolonged inactivity.  
Our smart sensors monitor the temperature of the home and advise you if it gets unsuitably hot or cold.  They check you don’t get too dehydrated which can cause dizziness, and they monitor how often you get up and about rather than sitting in one place.


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Over 65s

  • Maintain independence, freedom and control

  • Reduce the risk of personal injury from falls

  • Comfort of having round the clock fall detection monitoring.

Family & Friends

  • Reassurance that your loved one is keeping well.

  • Receive alerts in the event of a fall – they won’t be lying on the floor for hours.

Care professionals

  • 24-hour monitoring

  • Leading edge data analysis on gait, posture, sedentary behaviour and environmental conditions

  • Clear actionable insights.

Price & Installation

The Falls Prevention System is installed in less than an hour by our team, and then we will show you how to use it and help set it up for your family and care professionals as you choose. 

Once installed there is nothing more to do, other than replace the batteries once a year.  Don’t worry, we’ll remind you at the time and even send you the batteries.

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